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‘WOW! If this isn’t a book to brag about I don’t know what is… I started The Favourite late last night. Never did I anticipate I would be closing the book at 3am left in complete shock… This book was insane! It was twisted, it was heart-breaking but it was so darn good! A must-read… I strongly encourage you to pre-order this book!’ NetGalley Reviewer

She’ll be his favourite, and his downfall…

Jessica Mooney seems like any other student at her university. She’s talented, driven, and looks set to be this year’s ‘favourite’ in charismatic Professor Crane’s Law and Literature class. But unlike the other students competing for his good opinion, Jessica isn’t what she seems. She’s carrying a dark secret.

Her sister is dead.

Crane’s to blame.

And she’s the only one who can bring him to justice.

Will Jessica be able to get the answers and justice she seeks, or will her search for revenge destroy her first?

The Favourite is a razor-sharp exploration of power and identity that asks the question: what do you do when there is a vast difference between what is right and what is legal?

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\”I so enjoyed The Favourite! It had such an evocative academic atmosphere… felt very original… Beautifully done… brilliant foreshadowing… A truly propulsive read that I ended up gobbling up in one sitting, desperate to discover Crane’s fate. Bravo.\” Heather Darwent, author of instant Sunday Times bestseller, The Things We Do to our Friends

\”A riveting, surprising thriller that contains much more at its heart… Gripping, emotional… I raced through this in an evening, swept along by the tense, pacy narrative and eager to spend more time with the author’s intricate meditations on the intersections of morality, power, and vengeance.\” Kate Collins, New York Times bestselling author

\”The Favourite is dark academia at its best. A tale of revenge gone wrong, toxic relationships, power imbalances, and the meaning of consent. It’s a page-turning, gripping novel that I absolutely devoured.\” Disha Bose, author of Irish Times bestseller Dirty Laundry

Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Imprint: Orion
Publication date: 18/01/2024

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