Earthquakes and Butterflies: Otautahi Christchurch

Gallagher, Kathleen


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1 in stock

\”This lyrical, impressionistic narrative is immensely engaging. While buildings shake to pieces and the land breaks open, we are lead on a journey through time, inside the reaches of the world of spirit, to the domain of healing.\” John Weir

\”This book is a multi-voiced, subtle taonga. The photographic images themselves are superb. The italicised voice mixes the expressionistic and the scientific, shifting from a mood of devastation to one of hope. This is a powerful and important work in the recovery process, a beautiful mahi.\” James George

\”Like an Irish faery tale, this book is unique in that it mixes real people and events with fiction. It is a tapestry of interweaving threads of cosmic, mythic, liminal and actual time. It is a prophetic allegory exploring the mysteries of death and rebirth, destruction and chaos, and addressing the quantam shift in consciousness occurring now.\” Joy Ryan Bloore

Format: Paperback
Imprint: Small New Zealand Pub
Publication date: 05/05/2015
Illustrator: Coughlan, Michael