Creating Connected Communities

Korhonen, Margot


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2 in stock

Get inspired and motivated by the magic of connection and find out how harnessing it can help you achieve your goals sooner, without adding stress.

Written in a relaxed conversational style, creating connected communities will help you start something new, like a small business, event, or community project. Relatable stories from Margot’s own experiences are interwoven in a kind, open and inspirational way between practical information and free resources.

This book is also ideal for volunteers and those who support others. Fundraising projects are a great example, like for a school, a sporting team, cultural group or maybe a church. Creating Connected Communities will give you easy ways to offer practical assistance that makes a real difference – without overextending yourself.

Margot includes helpful advice about everything you need to know; from vital planning and preparation steps, to managing money, marketing and how to get the actual work done!

There is a strong focus on how to harness the power of people, your team, supporters and volunteers. Most importantly, you’ll understand how to start building a tribe of dedicated followers and create engaged connections with your community – a vital step.

Importantly, you’ll also gain realistic insights into the more difficult aspects; like the project getting off track or losing momentum, what to do when you’ve got no money and dealing with difficult people. These tricky topics are written in a kind and understanding way to ensure you find solutions and get back on the track to success.

Margot weaves together this useful and easy to read information in an uplifting and inspiring way with relatable stories from her own experiences.
There are also useful worksheets throughout the book with links to download free printable versions.

What are you waiting for? Let’s make some magic!
Get this guide for yourself or a friend and let’s create stronger connections with each other, and our communities, so that everyone can reap the rewards.

Format: Paperback
Imprint: Small New Zealand Publisher
Publication date: 01/12/2023

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