Watercolor Florals (Color in Reverse)

Nied, Heinke


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Find your creativity and relax as you draw, doodle, and design over beautiful watercolor artwork.
Color in Reverse: Watercolor Florals comes from Heinke Nied, a one-line artist and illustrator who considers it her mission to make art accessible to everyone through simple instruction and approachable one-line drawings. With her helpful instruction, you can draw your own lines over her artwork. It’s satisfying, relaxing, and fun!
Filled with inspiring artwork featuring flowers, plants, abstract designs, and more, Color in Reverse: Watercolor Florals features:
Sturdy paper and one-sided pages to cut out and display
Pen and watercolor tips and techniques
Short primers on tools and color theory
Patterns, tracings, and designs that you may want to use in your own artwork within the book
Simply find relaxation and creative inspiration as you draw over the watercolor artwork with the drawing tool of your choice, or cut out the pages and use them as gifts, home decor, cards for loved ones, and more.
With colorful watercolor designs to spark your creativity, your own creations will flow with ease and joy.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 96
Imprint: Walter Foster Artbooks US
Publication date: 13/04/2023

ISBN: 9780760383278 Category: