Chickenology: The Ultimate Encyclopedia


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Author: Sandri, Barbara
Publication date: 01/04/2021
Imprint: Princeton Architectural Pr US
Pages: 76
Format: Hardback
Illustrator: Pintonato, Camilla
ISBN: 9781616899080

Welcome to the wonderful world of chickens! This beloved barnyard bird is full of surprises. Did you know some chickens are so small they can perch in the palm of your hand, and others have feathers that look like a beard? Chickens can learn to count up to four and have excellent
hearing-many even like to listen to music!

Chickenology takes young readers (and grown-ups) on a fascinating and informative tour of chickens. Discover the incredible variety of chickens with different origins, breeds, and feather patterns, delve into chicken anatomy and evolution, and even learn the basics of chicken care.

With a playful tone and irresistibly charming illustrations by rising star Camilla Pintonato, this lively visual encyclopedia presents chickens in all of their feathered glory.

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