Burmese Stories for Language Learners

Mo, A Zun


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Learn about Myanmar while improving your language skills!

Aimed at beginning to intermediate language learners, this book introduces 30 stories from Myanmar in parallel Burmese and English versions presented on facing pages. It can be used as a reader in Burmese language courses or by anyone who simply wishes to enjoy stories from Myanmar, both modern and traditional, and develop a deeper understanding of Burmese language and culture.

This elegantly illustrated volume is designed to help language learners expand their vocabulary as well as their listening and reading comprehension. The stories gradually increase in length and complexity as the reader’s language skills improve.

The charming stories in the book include:
‘Yangon Diary’ Aung Kyaw recounts a typical day in the bustling capital city of Yangon, including having breakfast in a teashop and battling the constant traffic jams. This chapter teaches key basic language for talking about our everyday lives.
‘The Water Festival’ Zin Moe describes the New Year’s celebration of Thingyan, when people throw water at each other and the whole country turns into one big water fight!
‘The Sound of the Harp’ A traditional and tragic love story set in the ancient temple city of Bagan, which was the country’s capital from the ninth to the thirteenth centuries. When a princess falls in love with a common harp player, the King is furious and barricades them in a cave to die. But to this day the sound of the harp can still be heard there on the night of a full moon.

Free audio recordings of the stories are available online to help students improve their pronunciation and comprehension skills. Cultural notes and discussion questions reinforce an understanding of the stories, and bolster language skills. An overview of the Burmese script is also provided.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Imprint: Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 12/09/2023

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