Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide

Koenigs, Ross


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Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide explores the Cannabis sativa plant from a brewer’s perspective. Explore the role of foliage and flowers, seeds, fiber, stems, and roots in product development. Learn the science, methods, and techniques for infusing hemp (containing less than 0.3% THC), hemp flavors, and cannabinoids into beverages. Solubilizing shelf stable cannabinoids in beverages, hemp additions at traditional brewing stages, and quality and legal compliance are all discussed. This book navigates the science of cannabis and teaches brewers how to best use hemp to apply its unique aromas to beer. Discover the use of terpenes, create a tincture, or experiment with new recipes using hemp as an ingredient.

Readers will learn how to navigate the shifting legal landscape as hemp becomes more acceptable and accessible. This forward-looking book weaves together familiar topics within the study of beer and brewing and applies it to the vast and fascinating world of hemp as an ingredient in beer.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 300
Publication date: 25/07/2022
Series: Brewing with Cannabis

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