Boy Parts

Clark, Eliza


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Author: Clark, Eliza
Publication date: 23/07/2020
Imprint: Influx Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910312636

Irina obsessively takes explicit photographs of the average-looking men she persuades to model for her, scouted from the streets of Newcastle.

Placed on sabbatical from her dead-end bar job, she is offered an exhibition at a fashionable London gallery, promising to revive her career in the art world and offering an escape from her rut of drugs, alcohol, and extreme cinema. The news triggers a self-destructive tailspin, centred around Irina's relationship with her obsessive best-friend, and a shy young man from her local supermarket who has attracted her attention...

BOY PARTS is the incendiary debut novel from Eliza Clark, a pitch-black comedy both shocking and hilarious, fearlessly exploring the taboo regions of sexuality and gender roles in the twenty-first century.

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Dimensions 198 × 129 mm


  1. Scorpio Books

    “This novel is the perfect articulation of purely manky thoughts. Clark writes with accuracy, holding no hostages, and exploiting masculine insecurity. The plot follows a snide, voyeuristic photographer, who has an obsession with mediocre men. From the beginning it’s clear that she craves the power that the men of her past have taken. ‘Boy Parts’ gives a condensed, motivated plot of murder and abuse, while also perfectly questioning 21st century power, class, and gender structures.” Jack @ Scorpio Books

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