Blood on the Tracks v10

Oshimi, Shuzo


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From the creator who brought you notable works such as The Flowers of Evil, Happiness, and Inside Mari, comes his latest suspense drama centering on the theme of a toxic parent.
Dive into this latest thriller by master storyteller, Shuzo Oshimi.

\”..if you enjoyed Oshimi’s previous work with \”Flowers of Evil\”, and you enjoy dark storylines with twisted characters, you’ll no doubt enjoy \”Blood on the Tracks\”! Recommended!\” – Neo Tokyo 2099

His mother finally in custody, Seiichi is questioned by police and recovers a memory of being thrown off a cliff just like Shigeru. He begins to free himself from his mother’s spell, and even rekindles his relationship with Fukiishi…

But even as Seiichi’s heart fills with new hope, a strange visitor comes to him in the night-?!

Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Imprint: Vertical Inc.
Publication date: 16/08/2022
Illustrator: Oshimi, Shuzo
Series: Blood on the Tracks

ISBN: 9781647290993 Category: