Biting Biting: Snacking Gujarati-Style

Roe, Urvashi


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Biting Biting features recipes for fast, easy, 100% vegetarian and vegan snacks that can be knocked up at speed using leftovers and store-cupboard ingredients. Enter a world of Gujarati-style snacking, where nothing is wasted and every recipe can turn into a whole range of snacks. So a simple Potato Shaak (or curry) can be re-purposed as a samosa, or served up on toast with an egg, or stuffed into a parotha or flatbread. Even if you’ve nothing in the cupboard but a tin of baked beans, you can make Baked Bean Curry, or why not try revolutionising your lunch with Cumin-spiced Cheese on Toast or the Cheese & Chevro (or Bombay Mix) Sandwich? Discover more classic ‘bitings’ such as Reveya (Peanut Stuffed Aubergine) and Patta Ganthiya (gram flour crispbreads) alongside her uncle’s legendary BBQ Green Bananas, a full chapter of bhajiya (pakora) and some suggestions for delicious Sweet Biting. With fresh chutneys you can make in moments in a blender and advice on what to keep in your fridge to provide optimum ingredients for Biting, you will never be stuck for a snack again.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 192
Imprint: UK Small Publisher
Publication date: 01/09/2022