Big Fat Brown Bitch

Avia, Tusiata


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10 in stock

The Big Fat Brown Bitch runs, sleeps, cries, laughs, splits open. She is sitting in a garage in South Auckland with her two brothers and discussing the majestic architecture of atoms. She is playing an audio book of The Power of Positive Thinking at herself. She is jumping over the lazy dog. She is lying face down in the mud and doing an apology on behalf of us all. She is receiving an election-year visit and a death threat. She is strapped to the cross. She is turning into a werewolf. The Big Fat Brown Bitch is coming for you.

Tusiata Avia, author of Ockham-award-winning The Savage Coloniser Book, returns with a brilliant and eviscerating work. These are poems of defiance, confrontation, consolation, satire, sorrow and fury.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 112
Imprint: Te Herenga Waka University Press
Publication date: 09/11/2023

Staff review

Big Fat Brown Bitch
By Tusiata Avia
Review by Maia

Ōtautahi poet royalty Tusiata Avia strikes again with this juicy, satirical and politically outraged collection. Avia delivers striking criticisms with wit and candour, revealing the brutality of the colonial systems that abuse and exploit our marginalised communities. She specifically narrates her experience with the healthcare system following an accident which broke both her feet. These poems lead with an open heart, pleading with surrender and screaming for justice on the same page and anyone who is watching the world around them can feel Avia’s frustration.

She responds directly to the unrelenting, hysterical backlash from her 2020 collection The Savage Coloniser with reliably audacious hilarity. Her words are theatrical, imaginative and grounded as she name-drops NZ politicians and their continuous inadequacies with a sneer. Anyone who can piss David Seymour off this much is worth the read.

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