Banks Peninsula: A Guide to the Bays and Beaches – All walking tracks

Pickering, Mark


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Sea-cliffs, tussock ridgelines, volcanic rock outcrops and isolated stands of native forest typify the diversity of walking on the peninsula. There are mnay small bush reserves and a growing number of walking tracks. With fine beaches and bays the peninsula is something of a recreational playground for Christchurch peoples, and provides a good day out at a reasonable distance from the city. This new booklet includes all the known public walking tracks, including Pigeon Bay, Orton Bradley, the Summit walking track network and Hinewai Reserve. There are also notes on the popular beaches, and what facilities are available. Getting around the peninsula can be exciting, and people heading off for a daywalk should allow plenty of time for the twist and twine of a typical peninsula road. The views are often unexpected and spectacular, as can be the weather. For those people interested in further walking opportunities around Canterbury, the same author has published WALK AWAY: a guide to walking place in Canterbury, and THE PORT HILLS: a guide to the walking tracks on the Port Hills, available from bookshops and information centres. Paperback

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