de Silva, Saraid


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28 in stock

Singapore, 1951

When Josephina is a girl, her parents lock her in a room with the father of the boy to whom she’s betrothed. What happens next will determine the lives of generations to come.

New Zealand, 1984

Josephina and her family leave Sri Lanka for New Zealand. But their new home is not what they expected, and for the children, Sithara and Suri, a sudden and shocking event changes everything.

London, 2018

Arriving on her uncle Suri’s doorstep, jetlagged and heartbroken, Annie has no idea what to expect – all she knows is that Suri was cast out of the family before she was born.

Moving between cities and generations, Amma follows three women on very different paths, against a backdrop of shifting cultures. As circumstance and misunderstanding force them apart, it will take the most profound love to knit them back together before it’s too late.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Imprint: Moa Press
Publication date: 26/03/2024

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Staff review

by Saraid de Silva
Review by Ray

A sweeping, intergenerational novel, that has the strength and complexity of women (and their relationships) at its core. Each of the places and times described are rich and fully realised, and while there is a lot of deep, difficult, heart-breaking pain in these pages, there is also a generous and nuanced exploration of the ways in which healing can manifest. What a gorgeous and moving read!

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