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Nwabineli, Onyi


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4 in stock

Every second of Anuri’s life has been documented on social media. Now, it’s time to take back control.

Anuri’s stepmother, Ophelia, is the ultimate ‘mumfluencer’. Throughout Anuri’s childhood, she catalogued every minute, milestone and carefully curated family outing on social media, cultivating a devoted – and sizeable – following. Now twenty-five years old, life looks pretty perfect on the outside. Ophelia’s fans could be forgiven for wondering why Anuri spends much of her time insulting men online for money, battling the call of alcohol, running from a PhD application, and reminding herself that she is now allowed to choose her own outfits.

But when she sees her little sister being pushed down the same rocky path by Ophelia, she decides to take back control. Her stepmother, however, isn’t giving up without a fight.

Put away your phone and get ready to rethink your ‘harmless’ social media habit, in this darkly hilarious page-turner from an exciting new voice.

‘Nwabineli is magic with words’ Bolu Babalola

‘Nwabineli is one to watch’ Red Magazine

Format: Paperback
Pages: 320
Imprint: Oneworld
Publication date: 04/06/2024

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