Akashic Records: Unlock the Infinite Power, Wisdom and Energy of the Universe

Taylor, Sandra Anne


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The Akashic Records are a powerful source of information, change, and manifestation. This practical introductory guide shows how they can open your life to profound healing, happiness, and true fulfillment. This book will reveal- – What the Akashic Records really are and how to tap into their ever-present power – How to travel the eternal timeline to investigate the past, present, and potential future – How past lives are influencing you today and what you can do to rewrite those records – How you can use the Akashic Records to find your purpose, expand your talents, and find greater success and joy in this life – How to program future events within the records of this life and in lifetimes to come – Techniques to open the records anytime you desire . . . and much more!

Format: Paperback
Pages: 264
Imprint: Hay House US
Publication date: 15/11/2016
Series: Hay House Basics

ISBN: 9781781807118