Abolishing The Military: Arguments and Alternatives (BWB Text)

Leonard, Griffin


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In an era of escalating global conflicts, this book challenges the conventional belief that nation-states need military forces to ensure their security and contribute to international peace. As academic discourse on non-violent methods of national defence and global peace promotion gains momentum, there is growing evidence supporting the viability of such policy approaches. Far from being a matter of solely academic concern, this debate parallels increasing public awareness that militaries are struggling to deal effectively with (and may actually exacerbate) contemporary threats and challenges such as terrorism, climate change and inequality.

Abolishing the Military: Arguments and Alternatives critically examines several widely held assumptions regarding the necessity of a military force for Aotearoa New Zealand. In doing so, it demonstrates that these assumptions often rest on shaky foundations or evidence. Moreover, the book explores alternative non-violent strategies for national defence and international peace promotion, offering a fresh perspective on global security in the twenty-first century.

Format: Paperback
Imprint: Bridget Williams NZ
Publication date: 01/09/2023
Series: BWB Texts