3 Wise Words Game

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In this super-simple party game, your job is to tune into the way your partner thinks. The main mission: get them to guess the word that’s nesting in your head. To do this, you’ll need to write down three words that’ll lead them straight to the correct answer. Sounds simple enough, but wait — there’s a catch. If the other teams guess any of your three words, they’ll swoop down and steal your points.

Make the words too obvious and you’ll make it too easy for the other team. However, make them too obscure, and your bird-brained partner might not have a clue what you’re squawking about!

4-12 Players
Ages 10+


100 Cards
4 Wooden Owl Pieces
1 Gameboard
1 Scorepad

This little birdie is the brain child of Dan Penn and Rich Coombes, the superstar inventors of another one of our hit games, Herd Mentality. Looks like they’ve got a thing for animal-themed question games — but we’re not complaining.

Why you’ll love this game:

Birds of a feather: The key to winning this game is to use secret codes and private jokes. So, the more you know about your teammate, the better!
Big flocks welcome: In this game, the more teams that are playing, the more fun it is (even if it means they’re more likely to steal your words).

Format: Board Game
Imprint: Various Boardgame Publishers
Publication date: 01/05/2022

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