100 Maths Ideas in 100 Words: A Whistle-stop Tour of Science’s Key Concepts (Science Museum)



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Get to grips with the essential topics in maths today through 100 key ideas, each one explained clearly in 100 words.

Maths- 100 Ideas in 100 Words offers the essential facts at your fingertips, satisfying your mathematical curiosity and helping you to understand the biggest concepts in maths in concise, 100-word summaries.

This book introduces 100 key areas of maths such as geometry, algebra, probability and pure maths, and explains each topic in just 100 words. Perfect for getting your head around big ideas clearly and quickly, this book covers the most up-to-date terms and theories and inspires a heightened level of understanding and enjoyment to the core areas of maths you can discover in The Science Museum.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 192
Imprint: DK
Publication date: 07/03/2024

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