Book Review: Thunderhead

by Miranda Darling
Review by Alex A

This darkly hilarious, modern take on Mrs Dalloway had me hooked from the first page. The story follows a wealthy suburban mother, Winona, as she goes about her seemingly innocuous day. The reader is eddied along in a stream-of-consciousness that nearly rambles, then snaps back to the real world, her multiple and distinctive inner voices chiming in as needed. 

Descriptions of mundane tasks are searingly, painfully good. She tries to suppress road rage by listening to classical music while faced with “angry white-van drivers”. She feels depressed by a visit to the mall: ”A wave of strange and ill-defined sorrow hits me here in this artificial temple of promise.”

As the day progresses, the darker elements of Winona’s life become apparent, in the form of mental health struggles heightened by a troubled marriage. Her erudite, unhinged self-realisation was incredibly relatable, and her singular voice is unforgettable. 

Perfect for fans of Nightbitch by Rachel Yoder, or Ash by Louise Wallace.