Book Review: To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity
By Yoshitoki Oima
Review by Mida
It starts as an orb. Then, it transforms into a wolf. Then the wolf meets a boy. The wolf becomes the boy and he begins to walk. This mysterious, immortal boy is our protagonist, and as he travels, he meets new people, discovers new forms and begins to evolve.

Utterly existential, To Your Eternity tackles one very heavy question: What would life be like for an immortal? Instead of choosing to detach himself from humanity, Fushi chooses compassion, making friends and allies, and working to protect as many as he can. Rather than having any fantastic superpowers, Fushi has two abilities – to copy and to feel the pain of creatures around him.

This series is beautiful, capturing the somewhat directionless life of a creature without a time limit. But it is also a testament to the power of connection and compassion and the need for companionship. Read it if you’re feeling particularly philosophical.