Staff Review: The RNZ Cookbook

The RNZ Cookbook
By David Cohen and Kathy Paterson
Review by Ray
What a delight! This recipe book is chock full of hand-selected recipes from the archives, and features work from many of the country’s best chefs. Each chapter is named after an RNZ programme, and features the kind of food you’d want to eat while listening in. Breakfast Dahl (from Foundation café at Tūranga!) with your Morning Report? Baked Kūmara Cheesecake for desert with Karyn Hay? Yes please. There are charming quotes dotted throughout from the interviews where these recipes were first shared, and there’s a wide variety, from quick and simple to quite challenging. It’s one to revisit again and again, finding new treasures each time, and would make a gorgeous gift for anyone who enjoys the radio on in the kitchen.