Staff Review: Skulduggery Pleasant

Skulduggery Pleasant

by Derek Landy

Review by Alex P

I love this series! This is basically a Neil Gaiman style epic series that’s perfect for kids. It’s well written, wonderfully witty and engaging, and has amazing characters. Skulduggery is by far one of the best characters ever created; he is a suave, charismatic and brilliant detective (which is no easy task for someone without skin). We see Valkyrie grow up throughout the books, from a 12 year old awed by a new world of magic, to an equally dazzling magical detective in her own right. The background cast of bounty hunters, freaky tailors, bloodthirsty assassins and mutant doctors help make this series one to remember. Between the pages of these books is a welcoming place for all of us who feel like we don’t have a place in the world. One that doesn’t shy away from the grim and ugly parts of life, but also embraces the humour and magic that comes with being different. In this book, being different is pretty darn cool. Be sure to check out the whole series.