Book Review: Little Thieves

Little Thieves
By Margaret Owen
Review by Mida

After being mistreated for years, Vanja has used magic to take the life of the Lady she serves away. Her mistress still lives – just without the nobility she is so used to. After using her new status to steal and getting on the wrong side of a goddess, Vanja is cursed to turn to treasure, gem by gem. However, there is a way to break the curse: she must all she stole. With a supernatural detective on her tail and enemies on all sides, Vanja must navigate new threats and try to come out alive.

What is there not to love about this book? A flawed heroine who could be a villain if you squint, fantastical world-building that we just scratch the surface of, sharp wit that will make you laugh out loud and drama that will have you reading through the night- Little Thieves has it all!

I love this book so much. I have read it 4 times already and am tempted to do so again. Read if you like Six Of Crows or are a fan of fun fantasy.