Book Review: I Want To Be A Wall

I Want To Be A Wall
By Honami Shirono
Review by Mida

This story is so sweet!!
An asexual woman and her gay best friend get married to ease social pressure on them to find ‘traditional’ love. Based around this beautiful – if slightly unorthodox- relationship, our two protagonists explore what marriage means to them. They start off rather awkwardly, trying to match the conventional roles of husband and wife, but soon start to flourish under each other’s care.

While they aren’t romantically in love, our two leads care very strongly about each other. Working hard make their partnership comfortable for the other, as well as trying to see themselves through the other’s eyes.

Paired with sharp wit and soft art, this is a relaxing story about belonging, different types of love and the power of taking things slow. Read it if you are looking for a book that has the feeling of a cozy cup of hot chocolate – sweet, warm and surprisingly full of character.