Staff Review: Delicious in Dungeon

Delicious in Dungeon Series
by Ryoko Kui
Review by Mida

After a dragon attack, Laios and his friends lose all their suppliers – and his sister! Determined to get her back, the crew must venture into the depths of the dungeon and use their wits to turn the monsters…into food! 

With a wild premise like that, this manga could easily have been a flop. However, it sticks the landing and has rocketed to a top spot among my fav series of all time.  

This series takes tried and true tropes, as well as creatures from myth and folklore, and seamlessly integrates them into a fascinating world that asks the dark question that sits in the back of every fantasy enjoyer’s mind: ‘Could I eat that? And how?’ The dishes that result from our hero’s efforts look delicious and seem like you could whip them up at home, if not for the fantastic origins of their ingredients. Many of these beasties have a twist on their original design that makes them feel fresh and new amidst a sea of fantasy manga. For example, what if a mimic was just…a really big hermit crab? 

My other favourite thing about this series is the varied and wonderful cast of characters. All of them are unique, from their different races – the starting team includes an elf, a half foot (essentially a hobbit) and a dwarf, as well as human Laios. But as our group travel, they meet orcs, trolls, a few human-animal hybrids made through magic, and one very strange lion. All these characters have vibrant and interesting personalities and their abilities are as varied as their designs.  

Any fan of fantasy looking for a laugh needs to read this series. Perfect for fans of ‘That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime’ or anyone wanting something new!