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Two schoolgirls in Bolton take acid just before their English class. A film journalist shares tea and a KitKat with Marcel Proust, more or less, during a long train journey. An afterparty turns into a crime scene. Colleagues, maybe in love, have lunch and don't quite talk about their relationship. A woman flees to New Orleans and finds unexpected treasures there.

In her electric debut, Anna Wood skips through the decades of a woman's life, meeting friends, lovers, shapeshifters and doppelgangers along the way. Pleasures and regrets pile up, time becomes non-linear, characters stumble and shimmy through moments of rupture, horror and joy.

Written with warmth, wit and swagger, these stories glide from acutely observed comic dialogue to giddy surrealism and quiet heartbreak, and always there is music - pop songs as tiny portals into another world. Yes Yes More More is packed with friendship, memory, sexuality, love, and the radical possibilities of pleasure.

'Fiction has a new tar in its firmament.' - Carol Ann Duffy, author of Rapture

'Intimate and surprising, a joy to read.' - Sharlene Teo, author of Ponti

'Devoid of cliche...deeply satisfying.' - Wendy Erskine

Author: Wood, Anna
Publication date: 06/07/2021
Imprint: The Indigo Press
Pages: 194

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