Women of Troy (v2 Troy)

Barker, Pat


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Author: Barker, Pat
Publication date: 26/08/2021
Imprint: Hamish Hamilton UK
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780241427248
Series: Troy

Sequel to critically acclaimed bestseller The Silence of the Girls, an extraordinary retelling of one of our greatest classical myths from one of best writers of war fiction

Troy has fallen and the Greek victors are primed to return home, loaded with spoils. All they need is a good wind to lift their sails.

But the wind does not come. The gods are offended - the body of Priam lies desecrated, unburied - and so the victors remain in uneasy limbo, camped in the shadow of the city they destroyed. The coalition that held them together begins to fray, as old feuds resurface and new suspicions fester.

Largely unnoticed by her squabbling captors, erstwhile queen Briseis remains in the Greek encampment. She forges alliances where she can - with young, rebellious Amina, with defiant, aged Hecuba, with Calchus, the disgraced priest - and she begins to see the path to revenge...

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  1. Scorpio Books

    “Briseis, the pregnant concubine of the now slain Achilles takes us into the newly defeated Troy, offering us a vastly different perspective of the aftermath of war. What is the fate of women and children in a defeated city? Barker’s writing is immersive, and blunt, with no traces of wishing to even up the brutalities of war.” – Marija @ Scorpio Books

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