Winter of Our Lives

Barnes, Sara


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An uplifting and meditative novel on friendship, the healing power of nature and how we should all embrace and re-imagine the winter of our lives as the time of our lives!
She was the only human being down at the lake. Elbows, in need of a slather of moisturiser, pointed at the clouds; breasts, lifted to pre-children perkiness; baby belly stretched and flattened. She stretched her arms out wide as she started to walk barefoot into the lake. Peering down into the clear water, she pulled down her goggles. It was time to plunge forwards, succumbing to the embrace of the water.
It was as if she were flying.

For friends Stevie, Holly and Angela, the last few years haven’t been kind. With marriage breakdowns and sacrifices, their only moments of peace come when they are outside in the wild waters of the Lake District.

Now it’s time for these three women to love themselves, just as they love the cold, and take charge of their own happiness in this uplifting and meditative novel of friendship and the healing power of nature.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Imprint: One More Chapter
Publication date: 06/03/2024

ISBN: 9780008639600