When We Remember to Breathe: Mess, magic and mothering


When We Remember to Breathe: Mess, magic and mothering

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\"A conversation about birth, pregnancy and parenting between two mums and writers – one an author and the other a poet, playwright and paediatrician\"--Publisher information.

Through births, death, stumbles and first steps, Michele Powles and Renee Liang wrote.

And together these gifted writers - one an author, the other a paediatrician - achieved something remarkable: their words have fearlessly and charmingly laid bare the raw joy, beauty, discomfort and humour of modern motherhood.

But beyond this, the exchange in When We Remember to Breathe is uplifting, positive testimony to what is important in life itself - what gives it meaning: the people we love, the challenges we face and the life we give.

Michele Powles: Despite training in law (or perhaps because of it) Michele has been a dancer, producer and writer across the globe from India to Bosnia, Brazil to Edinburgh. She is now the mother of two small, loud, boys, who seem to have inherited her fondness for generating fantastical scenarios (mostly under their beds). Her fiction and non-fiction has been published widely, and broadcast for radio both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She was New Zealand's 2010 Robert Burns Fellow and, as an emerging screenwriter, was selected for the 2018 Film Up programme.

Renee Liang: Renee has spent her whole life unsure of exactly what she is. And she expects to never find out. Renee is a writer, a mother, a sister, a daughter to parents who made the decision in their thirties to emigrate to New Zealand from Hong Kong, a poet, a playwright, a paediatrician, an arts journalist and a medical researcher. Renee has collaborated on visual-arts works, film, opera, music and musicals, produced and directed theatre works, worked as a dramaturge, taught creative writing and organized community-based arts initiatives such as New Kiwi Women Write, a writing workshop series for migrant women, and The Kitchen, a new programme nurturing stories in local kitchens. Renee has written, produced and toured seven plays. She likes fart jokes. In 2018, she was appointed a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the arts.

Author: Powles, Michele/ Liang, Renee
Publication date: 01/05/2019
Imprint: Small New Zealand Publisher