Whale Who Swam Through Time: A Two-Hundred-Year Journey in the Arctic

Boersma, Alex


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Author: Boersma, Alex

Almost 200 years ago . . .

Our journey begins with the birth of a bowhead whale, the longest-living mammal in the world. Over the course of her life in the Arctic, the bowhead whale witnesses many changes: from an era of peace and solitude to one of oil rigs and cruise liners.

With gorgeous, detailed, and striking illustrations, this well- researched and thoughtfully curated nonfiction story captures the magic and beauty of the natural world, while also providing a thoughtful account of how humans have impacted our changing ecosystems and presenting a call-to-action for protecting the environment.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 48
Imprint: Roaring Brook Pr US
Publication date: 24/10/2022
Illustrator: Boersma, Alex

ISBN: 9781250803023 Category: