Vain Glorious: A shameless guide for men who want to look their best


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\"My life is a constant battle between vanity and laziness. This book has brokered the perfect peace deal!\" - Graham Norton

Should I tint my eyebrows?
How can I get a squarer jawline?
Which style of trouser would make my legs look longer?

Leading lifestyle columnist and magazine editor, Jeremy Langmead, has men constantly asking him for answers to these questions and more.

In Vain Glorious, he teams up with Harley Street aesthetic doctor David Jack to lift the lid on all the anti-ageing and beauty secrets now available for men, from Botox to hair thickening treatments. Dr Jack provides the medical expertise, whilst Langmead test-drives the products and procedures on offer - sharing often hilarious snapshots of his own hit-and-miss journey of rejuvenation, as well as sartorial tricks and insider tips from his time editing Esquire and running the men's fashion website

Vain Glorious is an honest and practical guide to help men feel comfortable in their own skin.

Author: Langmead, Jeremy
Publication date: 20/05/2021
Imprint: Short Books
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781780724782

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