Urgent Matters

Rodriguez, Paula


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A train crashes in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, leading forty-three peopledead. A prayer card of Saint Expeditus, the patron saint of urgent matters, isleft blowing above the wreckage.

Hugo, a criminal on the run for murder, is also on the train. He seizes hischance to sneak out of the wreckage unsuspected, abandoning his possessions- and, he hopes, his identity – among bodies mangled beyond all recognition.The police suspect he’s still alive, but are left scrambling to keep up as the media releases a barrage of misinformation and rumours as to his whereabouts.

Whipping through the Buenos Aires mafia to the families affected by crime,the investigation uncovers the corrupt influences propping up power, and asksthe ultimate question: will justice ever be served?

‘With frenetic pace and a hypnotic, disturbing plot, Urgent Matters is an exploration of how facts are constructed and which of them prevail to become realities. In the post-truth era, it is an essential read’ – Agustina Bazterrica, author of Tender is the Flesh

Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Publication date: 03/11/2022

ISBN: 9781782278139