Twisted Dead (v3 Gravekeeper)

Coates, Darcy


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In the third installment of the Gravekeeper series (The Whispering Dead, The Ravenous Dead) by USA Today bestselling author Darcy Coates, Keira must decide if she should use her ability to contact ghosts to help the man who once tried to kill her.

Keira is ready for a normal life. Though, to be fair, normal is a tall ask when your ability to see ghosts has landed you the job of groundskeeper in a small-town cemetery. Still, she has her new friends and is finally beginning to feel like she belongs.

And then Keira receives an invitation to dinner at Dane Crispin’s crumbling ancestral estate. The mansion is steeped in history that is equal parts complicated and bloody – and at its center is the man who once tried to kill her, now begging for her help.

Dane believes his home is haunted – and that the unquiet dead clawing through the ancient house are after him. Unnerved but intrigued, Keira opens her second sight and discovers he’s right: resentful spectres cling to him, draining his energy…and if she can’t find a way to stop them, they threaten to overwhelm everything in their path. There’s something dark happening in the world beyond most peoples’ vision, and if Keira isn’t able to sever the ties between the living and the dead, the darkness may be more than the chained spirits that become twisted beyond saving.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Imprint: Poisoned Pen US
Publication date: 07/03/2023
Series: Gravekeeper

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