This Is How We Get Ready: For Little Kids Going To Big School


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A handy set of books that teaches little ones the key skills for starting school, and for life!

Learn all the super-important life skills you need to get ready in the morning with this new series of books all about preparing little ones for school.

Getting ready in the morning can be a bit of a struggle. No matter what grown-ups tell you, being little is hard work; there's so much to learn - from remembering to brush your teeth, even when you don't feel like it, to tying your shoelaces and finding the right hole for each arm in a jumper, and a whole bunch of other things too. And if your days aren't extremely busy enough with all of this getting ready and some very important playing, before you know it you'll have to fit all of this in and go to school!

Don't panic, This is How we Get Ready is here to guide you along the way by teaching you the skills you need to look after yourself and get ready for the day ahead. And it includes a handy morning checklist!

Author: DK
Publication date: 05/01/2022
Imprint: DK Children
Pages: 16
Format: Board Books
ISBN: 9780241502648

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