This Book Will Make You Feel Something

Bark, Florence


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Women deserve to feel pleasure. They deserve to enjoy the benefits it brings to their brain and wellbeing, to make time for themselves, to explore and celebrate their bodies and desires and feel no shame with regards to them, to understand their anatomy, to be turned on, to articulate to other people how they like to be touched, to orgasm. With these 25 erotic stories designed to be masturbated to, plus 25 mouth-opening tips on how to make the most of masturbation, finally women can take what they deserve.

Masturbation is proven to release serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin (all the good things) in our brains. It also helps us to learn what gives us pleasure – which can enhance our external sex lives – and with the right encouragement it can improve the way we feel about our bodies. And yet, despite all these benefits, most women report feeling uncomfortable confessing to it. This book is on a mission to blow that taboo away. The more we talk about and normalise masturbation, the better we’ll get at it, and the more of its benefits we’ll enjoy. Whether you use this book for some much-needed ‘me’ time or to spice up your sex life with a special someone, it will give you the tools to not only feel something, but to feel everything.

Please note: the author of this book is a cis woman who has identified as straight for most of her life (she now identifies as bisexual), and therefore the sexual fantasies will probably most appeal, and the tips most apply, to straight, bisexual and pansexual women with vulvas. Regardless of her own identity, everyone who would like to join the party is very welcome – she invites you to come in.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 256
Imprint: Sphere
Publication date: 18/05/2023

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