These Fevered Days: Ten Pivotal Moments in the Making of Emily Dickinson


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On August 3, 1845, young Emily Dickinson declared, \"All things are ready\"-and with this resolute statement, her life as a poet began. Despite spending her days almost entirely \"at home\" (the occupation listed on her death certificate), Dickinson's interior world was extraordinary. She loved passionately, was ambivalent toward publication, embraced seclusion, and created 1,789 poems that she tucked into a dresser drawer.

In These Fevered Days, Martha Ackmann unravels the mysteries of Dickinson's life through ten decisive episodes that distill her evolution as a poet. Ackmann follows Dickinson through her religious crisis while a student at Mount Holyoke, her startling decision to ask a famous editor for advice, her anguished letters to an unidentified \"Master,\" her exhilarating frenzy of composition, and her terror in confronting possible blindness. Together, these ten days provide new insights into Dickinson's wildly original poetry and render a concise and vivid portrait of American literature's most enigmatic figure.

Author: Ackmann, Martha
Publication date: 27/08/2021
Imprint: W W Norton US
Pages: 336

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