Sun Walks Down

McFarlane, Fiona


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In September 1883, the South Australian town of Fairly huddles under strange, vivid sunsets and enormous dust storms. One of its own has gone missing – six-year-old Denny Wallace – and the whole town is intent on finding him. As they search the desert and mountains for the lost child, the residents of Fairly – newlyweds, landowners, farmers, mothers, artists, Indigenous trackers, cameleers, children, schoolteachers, widows, maids, policemen – explore their own relationships with the complex landscape of the Flinders Ranges, its unsettling history, and the looming threat of agricultural failure.

The colonial Australia of The Sun Walks Down is unfamiliar, multicultural, and noisy with opinions, arguments, longings, and terrors. It’s haunted by many gods – the sun among them, rising and falling on each day in which Denny could be found, or lost forever.

Praise for Fiona McFarlane

‘An extraordinary book. It is deeply disturbing and beautifully written – full of joy and melancholy. A rapturous, fearsome fable of grief and love. I willingly accept that I will be haunted by it beauty and its truths for a long time to come.’ Susanna Moore on The Night Guest

‘The Night Guest is such an accomplished and polished debut. A delicacy and poignancy to the writing is combined with almost unbearable suspense.’ Kate Atkinson

‘Astonishingly brilliant…Such a very rare voice.’ Evie Wyld on The Night Guest

‘An extraordinary novel. At once a tender thriller and an exquisitely constructed meditation on time and memory. With The Night Guest, Fiona McFarlane announces herself as a writer to be read, admired, and read again.’ Kevin Powers

‘Sometimes a debut novel burns brighter than the rest, and offers up the promise of literary greatness. The Night Guest is one of these books.’ LA Review of Books

‘A debut of uncommon assurance…It seems to rise above the shiny trivia of the last decade’s novels…and do what serious fiction can: leave you more interested in the world, more conscious of its enigmas of love and memory, than you were before you read it.’ Chicago Tribune

‘An enrapturing debut novel . . . Startling and elegant.’ Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

‘Rich and suspenseful . . . [The Night Guest] is at once a beautifully imagined portrait of isolation and an unsettling psychological thriller.’ Publishers Weekly (starred review)

‘I have read the opening paragraph of Fiona McFarlane’s debut novel three times now–at first, slowly; but then with increasing, heart-pounding speed each time–and I am convinced it’s one of the most enticing openings to a novel I’ve read all year.’ David Abrams, The Quivering Pen

Format: Paperback
Pages: 416
Imprint: Allen & Unwin
Publication date: 05/10/2022

Staff review

The Sun Walks Down
By Fiona McFarlane
Review by Bel
What a breath of fresh air for historical novels! Not only does it have important questions to ask about history, about art, about land, and the blundering colonial project generally – it’s also a gripping story bursting with a vivid array of characters, vibrant scenery and a good peppering of humour. McFarlane applies the historical detail with a light touch and her characters are refreshingly modern. Her impressive ensemble represents the messy, diverse cacophony of history, rather than the troublingly smooth, ‘accurate’ narratives often presented in historical fiction.
This is a fantastic literary achievement, but (perhaps more importantly) it’s also just a really good read.

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