Suicide Squad: King Shark

Seeley, Tim


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1 in stock

Author: Seeley, Tim
Publication date: 13/09/2022
Imprint: DC Comics US
Pages: 184
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781779516718

The breakout star of The Suicide Squad is ready to take his place at the top of the food chain!

On leave from the Suicide Squad, King Shark and unfortunate tagalong the Defacer get swept into a mystical tournament for totemic animal spirits at the behest of King Shark’s father, the god of sharks! Now King Shark must battle brutal warriors like Queen Tiger, King Roach, Prince Nematode, Princess Peregrine, and the terrifying Man King to finally attain his destiny and make his dour dad proud!

Following his breakout role in 2021’s The Suicide Squad film, cult-favorite character King Shark stars in his first solo story!

Collects Suicide Squad- King Shark #1-6.

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