Stories Women Journalists Tell


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Author: Lee, Reta
Publication date: 14/01/2022
Imprint: Penguin Books Ltd
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789814914437

The number of women in media professions may have increased in recent years, but there is still a gender imbalance and lack of diversity in newsrooms, film sets, and so forth. The Stories Female Journalists Tell is a compilation of stories from female journalists across Southeast Asia who have been on the ground reporting and seeing things from a different perspective and emotive lens.

30 female journalists in Southeast Asia share their personal experiences in essays spanning politics, culture, travel, human interest and lifestyle.
In these insightful and compelling essays, the former and current journalists take us through the journey as a woman covering news in male-dominant newsroom culture while keeping eyes on the ground. The Stories Female Journalists Tell is an inspiring collection of essays that celebrates kinships, camaraderie and strength, while highlighting our most important and interesting history in events and news.
1. Politics- The essays reflect events that happened in a local environment while providing balanced coverage of key organisations and political events.
2. Life & Style- The essays in this volume foreground the role that life & style writers and editors played in reporting news while staying grounded in an image-obsessed world.
3. Human Interest- The human interest essays here focus on details that resonate emotionally with the readers, and sometimes can be described as 'getting the story behind the story' or 'putting a face on the news.'
4. Culture- The essays discuss a particular belief or values of a particular group of people at a particular time.
5. Travel- The essays here are part travelogue, part literature, which can double up as a historic travel narrative.

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