Stories From Our Back Roads – The South Island


Stories From Our Back Roads – The South Island

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This book is for people who enjoy driving and exploring the stories of our back roads, but most of all it is for people who love New Zealand, whether they choose to do it from behind the wheel of their SUV or the comfort of their sofa.

Stories from our Backroads: South lsland will introduce you to some fascinating stories of, tracks, trails and back roads across the South Island. Many of them cross through forgotten parts of the country, and all of them have their own rich and exciting stories. Whether they follow the route of Maori foot trails or the path of early European settlers, each adds something to our history.

For example, Ray drives the Danseys Pass Road before heading out onto the trails that cross the Oteake Conservation Park high above the Maniototo Plains. There he explores the huts and diggings left behind by the gold miners who flocked to the
place in the 1860s, before heading back down to the old gold town of Naseby.

Author: Stone, Ray
Publication date: 08/09/2020
Imprint: David Bateman
Pages: 312
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Stone, Ray
ISBN: 9781988538297

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