Secrets of Winterhouse (v2 Winterhouse)

Guterson, Ben


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Back at the Winterhouse hotel for another holiday season, Elizabeth and Freddy dig deeper into the mystery surrounding Riley S. Granger, a hotel guest who left behind odd artifacts- one being a magical book that the evil Gracella Winters attempted to use the year before to gain destructive power over the entire Falls lineage. The two friends follow a trail of clues, inadvertently attracting the attention of a suspicious new hotel guest: Elana Vesper.

The clock is ticking as Elizabeth and Freddy struggle to figure out whether Elana is merely a pawn or a player in the plot to revive the spirit of Gracella. If that wasn’t enough, Elizabeth suspects she is coming into her own magic ability – and she’s fearful it might lead her right into Gracella’s web.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Imprint: Square Fish US
Publication date: 31/12/2019
Illustrator: Bristol, Chloe
Series: Winterhouse

ISBN: 9781250233523 Category: