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‘A ravishing picaresque told with fireworks, finesse and gusto’
PAUL LYNCH, author of Prophet Song

‘A gripping tale of one woman’s extraordinary adventures … Saltblood is a triumph of the imagination’
ELODIE HARPER, author of ‘The Wolf Den’ trilogy

In a rented room outside Plymouth in 1685, a daughter is born as her half-brother is dying. Her mother makes a decision: Mary will become Mark, and Ma will continue to collect his inheritance money.

Mary’s dual existence will take her to a grand house where she’ll serve a French mistress; to the navy where she’ll learn who to trust, and how to navigate by the stars; to the army and the battlegrounds of Flanders, following her one true friend; and finding love among the bloodshed and mud. But none of this will stop her yearning for the sea…

Drawn back to the water, Mary must reinvent herself yet again, for a woman aboard a ship is a dangerous thing. This time Mary will become something more dangerous than a woman.
She will become a pirate…

Breathing life into the Golden Age of Piracy, Saltblood is a wild adventure, a treasure trove, weaving an intoxicating tale of gender and survival, passion and loss, journeys and transformation, through the story of Mary Read, one of history’s most remarkable figures.

‘A wonderful tale and so exquisitely told … Master and Commander meets Thelma and Louise’
JAMES OSWALD, author of the ‘Inspector McLean’ series

Format: Paperback
Pages: 368
Imprint: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Publication date: 14/05/2024

Staff review

by Francesca De Tores
Review by Kazia

This tale of self-discovery and yearning set in the Golden Age of Piracy had me utterly engrossed. De Tores writes with such atmospheric pull that it is easy to imagine yourself at sea. The care shown with the characters, both of her own creation and those gleaned from the historical record, renders them captivating without romanticising. A wholly immersive read and a fascinating insight into pirate life! Great for fans of other woman-centric historical fiction, like Disobedient by Elizabeth Fremantle. 

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