Ready for Anything: How to Build Resilience and Cope with Daily Stress


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Author: Boardman, Samantha
Publication date: 26/08/2021
Imprint: Penguin Life
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780241292211

A guide to boosting vitality and reducing stress from leading Positive Psychologist

We're all told not to 'sweat the small stuff' but in fact it's often those little annoyances that grind us down, whether it's forgetting your password or a pen leaking in your pocket, daily challenges can build up and overwhelm us.

Based on 20 years of experience, Dr Boardman reveals the key to handling daily stress is vitality - feeling alive, energised and ready for anything. We can cultivate this by connecting with others, engaging in challenging experiences and contributing to something beyond ourselves. Full of research-driven practical advice, this book will transform how we approach self-care. Whether it's doing a favour for someone, learning a new word or writing a letter to a friend, turning your focus outwards rather than inwards is a surer way to lift your mood and support your wellbeing.

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