Question of Trust: The BBC Reith Lectures 2002

O'Neill, Onora


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Author: O’Neill, Onora
Publication date: 06/06/2002
Imprint: Cambridge University Press
Pages: 110
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780521529969

We say we can no longer trust our public services, institutions or the people who run them. The professionals we have to rely on – politicians, doctors, scientists, businessmen and many others – are treated with suspicion. Their word is doubted, their motives questioned. Whether real or perceived, this crisis of trust has a debilitating impact on society and democracy. Can trust be restored by making people and institutions more accountable? Or do complex systems of accountability and control themselves damage trust? Onora O’Neill challenges current approaches, investigates sources of deception in our society and re-examines questions of press freedom. This year’s Reith Lectures present a philosopher’s view of trust and deception, and ask whether and how trust can be restored in a modern democracy.

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