Prescriptive Stretching: Eliminate pain and prevent injury (2nd edition 2019)

Berg, Kristian


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1 in stock

Author: Berg, Kristian
Publication date: 09/12/2019
Imprint: Human Kinetics US
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781492587392

Elite athletes have long relied on personalized stretching programs to improve flexibility and prevent injury. What you might not know is that many of those targeted stretches have a much broader application, one that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine: pain relief.

PrescriptiveStretching features full-color anatomical illustrations and step-by-step instructions for 40 of the most effective stretches to eliminate pain, alleviate muscle soreness, improve balance and flexibility, and prevent common injuries. In addition, you’ll find sample stretching programs that you can follow as is or personalize to meet your body’s needs.

Best of all, PrescriptiveStretching shows you how to quickly assess your pain and identify the stretches to reduce discomfort. Specifically, you’ll find recommendations for these common ailments:


-Back pain

-Neck stiffness

-Shoulder soreness

-Golfer’s elbow

-Tennis elbow

-Runner’s knee

Whether you’re looking to increase range of motion or simply eliminate muscle pain and discomfort, PrescriptiveStretching has you covered. Comprehensive yet easy to use, it’s the guide you’ll turn to again and again.

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