Practical Workshop: A Woodworker’s Guide to Workbenches, Layout and Tools


Practical Workshop: A Woodworker’s Guide to Workbenches, Layout and Tools

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Whether woodworking is your hobby or your profession, you'll get more enjoyment and satisfaction from the craft when you have a practical and functional workspace.

The Practical Workshop is your guide to setting up a sensible shop with an efficient workflow and everything you need to make the best use of your time. From workbenches to shop furniture to storage solutions, this book covers the essentials. You'll learn strategies for machine and fixture placement. You'll discover ways to streamline your operations and get plans for all the shop furniture you need to outfit your space.

Get started with guidelines for putting together a basic toolkit and some quick sawhorses.
Focus your shop around a central workbench--you'll find complete plans for two benches, a gallery of bench designs and ideas for personalizing your workbench for your specific needs.
Get helpful advice for placing machinery and instructions for building shop furniture and fixtures.

Woodworking can be a respite from the bustle of daily life, especially if your shop is well-organized and your tools are where they're supposed to be. This book can help you set up a great workspace, avoid clutter and get the most out of your woodworking.

Author: Schwartz, Christopher/ Popular Woodworking Magazin
Publication date: 26/05/2017
Imprint: Popular Woodworking US
Pages: 176

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