Phantom of the Idol v4

Isoflavone, Hijiki


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The story of a lazy male idol, ready to quit (or get fired), and the peppy poltergeist who brings him back from the brink, and rocketing to the heights of stardom! This madcap musical comedy is perfect for fans of My Dress-Up Darling, Kiss Him, Not Me! and Horimiya.

Distraught from the realization that Yuya is willingly possessed by the ghost of Asahi–and that their dynamic duo is really a trio–Kazuki enters a depressive slump. For the first time, Kazuki is on hiatus and Yuya is mixed about the newfound responsibility of leading ZINGS’s official activities. Meanwhile, Chikage Yura, Asahi’s former group leader and now enlightened by the spiritual arts, is ecstatic about the possible breakup of ZINGS. Will ZINGS survive? Or will Yuya’s cake made on a cooking show fall flat?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Imprint: Kodansha Comics
Publication date: 14/02/2023
Illustrator: Isoflavone, Hijiki
Series: Phantom of the Idol

ISBN: 9781646515875 Category: