Over the Mountains of the Sea: Life on the Migrants Ships 1870-1885


Over the Mountains of the Sea: Life on the Migrants Ships 1870-1885

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This lively, well-illustrated and very readable book draws on shipboard diaries and archival sources to give a vivid picture of the voyage out to New Zealand during the crucial Vogel period. Using information on individual ships, voyages and passengers Hastings follows the narrative of the voyage and the way in which the space on the ship was allotted according to gender, class and marital status. He then explores the social dynamics on board dealing with the routines of daily life, crime, mutiny, health, religion and an interesting chapter on 'the virgins' cage' where the single women were confined. He convincingly shows the ship as a microcosm of the society British migrants brought to these islands. The book is generously illustrated with photographs, sketches and magazine illustrations. It will be warmly welcomed by genealogists, professional historians and the many New Zealanders who enjoy reading about our history.

Author: Hastings, David
Publication date: 01/09/2006
Imprint: Auckland University Press
Pages: 240
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781869403751

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