Out of the Woods: A Journey Through Depression and Anxiety

Williams, Brent


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1 in stock

Author: Williams, Brent
Publication date: 01/09/2017
Imprint: Small New Zealand Publisher
Pages: 160
Format: Hardback
Illustrator: Oztekin, Korkut
ISBN: 9780473390068

An inspiring practical guide to help people out of depression and anxiety.

Out of the Woods is a book to help people understand and overcome depression and anxiety. It is the author’s own story told entirely through 700 beautifully hand drawn watercolor illustrations. It is an immensely practical guide for sufferers, their loved ones, and professionals working in the area too. The book’s graphic memoir format blends a compelling personal story with the latest medical research – ideal for people who are in the depths of depression and struggling to read and take on board information. The book doesn’t pretend there is a quick way out of these illnesses and instead encourages people to make small steps to slowly build their own lasting recoveries. This is an inspiring story that will give vital information and hope to many people.

“A brave, important book.” —Professor Robert Sapolsky, Stanford University

“A great book that will bring both understanding and hope to anyone who reads it.” —Professor Mark Williams, University of Oxford

“This is as clear, accurate and sympathetic a description of major depression and how to emerge from it as I have ever seen.” —Dr Tim Cantopher, author, Overcoming Depression – The Curse of the Strong

“Out of the Woods is a unique, effective, insightful, life-altering read.\” —Midwest Book Review

\”As an inspiring story, I couldn’t recommend this book enough. I would re-read this book every single day; I recommend it to everyone whether you have these illnesses or not; you may know someone who does and could help them if you read this. Out of five, I’d give this book a 10; I loved it.\” —Kimberley Jessica, blogger

“If a man in your life is having a hard time, if he feels down, reclusive, anxious and the like, and if he just needs a little nudge, this book is well worth the cost. It has already changed the life of someone I love.” —Cindy, blogger, Akron Ohio Moms

“For readers with personal experience of depression Out of the Woods serves as a beacon for recovery. Family members, the public, doctors of all types and health care providers will all benefit from it. Out of the Woods exceeds expectations on so many levels. I endorse it heartily. Read it, use it, and share it with others.” —Dr. Ben Beaglehole, Australasian Psychiatry Journal

“Brent Williams’ new book is brave, unique and very much needed. I related to it so much. It’s a beautifully designed hardback book and is an interesting, deeply personal, fresh take on the usual books about depression.\” —RoarDinosaur, blogger

ISBN: 9780473390068