Origami Masters Kit: 20 Folded Models by the World’s Leading Artists (step-by-step Online Tutorials)

Robinson, Nick


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Learn to fold original paper models designed by the world’s leading origami masters!

In Origami Masters Kit, origami artist and author Nick Robinson presents 20 delightful designs by master paper folders from around the globe. This kit has everything you need, including a full-color instruction book, 54 high-quality, double-sided folding papers and an online video tutorial for each model.

This origami kit features original designs by the following famous artists:

Akira Yoshizawa – The late Japanese origami grand master who was largely responsible for creating and popularizing the art of origami as we know it today
Michael LaFosse – An internationally renowned master folder, teacher, paper maker and author who has been designing pieces inspired by nature for over 40 years
David Brill – An award-winning British folder who has produced a series of groundbreaking designs that seem to come to life in the closing stages
Paul Jackson – A Tel Aviv-based origami instructor, author and longtime artist known for an unorthodox approach to folding and his pleated and tessellated models
Jun Maekawa – A Japanese origami artist known for popularizing the use of crease patterns in designing origami models
Nick Robinson – A renowned British origami artist and prolific author known for his wide range of models
Paula Versnick – A Dutch folder who started designing origami when she couldn’t find the model she wanted
And 10 other world-renowned origami masters!

The 20 original designs include:

The incredible \”Kawasaki Rose\” – an intricate model that established Toshikazu Kawasaki as a world-class origami designer
The \”Triskelion\” – Robert Foord’s mesmerizing modular model with a spiral center that resembles the swirl of a blossom
\”Yoshizawa’s Baby Rabbit\” – a delightfully simple model from Japan’s greatest master that perfectly captures the essence of the subject
Plus many others – perfect for giving as gifts or decorating your home and office

Format: Mixed Media
Pages: 96
Imprint: Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 15/09/2020

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